A New HVAC Project on Daniel Island

We are finishing an exciting new project for a brand-new space consisting of office spaces and even two residential units on the 3rd floor. Our friends at SL Shaw & Associates constructed the building while we completed the HVAC install. We are thrilled to show you what we have completed and the process that we took. 

Starting on the first and second floors, we see beautiful office spaces. These offices all utilize spiral ductwork to provide the most efficient heating and cooling possible. The units that supply the first floor can be found here. The same goes for the other floors leaving the attic storage area to hold the units that supply the top floor. 

There are some other features with this system that many offices don’t have or are the sort of features that are now requred by law. They contribute to efficiency and more importantly, safety. The sprayfoam used in the attics is absolutely the most efficient and durable insulation that you can use. Attics can average 140 to 150 degrees in the summer months. With spray foam applied, we see about a 40 to 50 degree drop in the temperature in the attic which will lower heat load in the home and help the heating and air conditioning systems work more efficiently and in turn, saving energy and money.

Our heating and air conditioning systems are designed with a lot of thought in mind to ensure that proper airflow is delivered to each area and optimum access is maintained to perform service.

We specialize in residential and commercial HVAC projects. Call us today to find out if we service your area! 843-851-7676