A Zone Control System Maintains Temperatures in Different Areas of a Home

Some homeowners are ok in a warm home, while others like it to be “freezing.” Who are these people? Am I right!? Regardless of your preference, you can nap in the cold while your family member enjoys not feeling like an ice cube throughout the rest of the house.

Zone control systems allow you to target specific areas of your home to get the right temperature most efficiently. For example, if your home office receives a lot of sunlight, you can cool the office area without unnecessarily blasting air through the whole home with the central air system.

Zone Control Systems

To make this happen, our experts install dampers within the ductwork based on a design suitable for your home. Each zone will have its own thermostat so that you can increase or decrease the temperature while leaving other zones as they are.

Working with us, you can create a zone from a single room or an entire floor. The zones are areas that require different temperatures, or they are areas that have trouble maintaining a specific temperature.


You’ll save on energy costs because the HVAC system won’t be stressed to work as hard to maintain temperature while over-cooling or heating other parts of the home.

Ideal situations for a zone control system:

  • Homes with rooms that aren’t often used
  • A home on a concrete slab foundations
  • Large windows or high ceilings
  • Finished rooms in the attic or basement
  • Homes with intricate floor plans

When to consider this system

Surprisingly, most homes can benefit from a zone control system. If you find yourself sweating upstairs and intentionally staying downstairs, you may benefit. If an area of the house isn’t being used, you can maintain a regular temperature while targeting the used spaces.

Remember that closing your vents is not the same as a zone-controlled system. Closing an air vent will restrict air from exiting the ductwork, but it won’t change how often your air conditioner and furnace run.

A zone-controlled system will close dampers, but it also signals when zones have reached their ideal temperature and turns on and off the air.

Closing air vents on your own can lead to air leakage, low airflow, and other problems. The adjustable tab directs air in the room and does not block it entirely.