Are You Making Your House Hotter?

With summer still officially here for a few more weeks (and that heat that lingers long after Labor Day, heck, even Halloween), your air conditioning unit still has months of work ahead. Are you making it work harder?

Did you know that there are simple things that you can do to ensure your home stays cool and your AC unit stays efficient? There’s nothing worse than making your unit work harder, costing you more money and potentially more time down the road. Read on for our top tips.


Is your home empty during the day? Most people tend to be away during the day while they are at school and work. There’s no sense keeping an empty home cool, so set your thermostat to warmer while you are away. But resist the urge to crank it lower right when you get home. Instead, gradually reduce the temperature over the course of a few hours, so your machine doesn’t have to work so hard.


Did you know air can leak out through leaky window seals and even unlocked windows? Make sure that your windows are properly sealed during the summer season to keep cool air in and during the winter to keep the cool air out. While you are home, it’s important to open up the doors inside your house so that air can easily flow from room to room.


Your home could lose a significant amount of air due to leaks and drafts. Check all of the doors, windows and exterior walls for drafty air. If you feel any airflow, seal and caulk these areas. Be sure to pay special attention to your attic and your porches. These are usually the worst areas.


Make sure your air vents are open and pointed in the proper directions. And that includes vents on the floors. Make sure nothing is blocking them, like a painting or a large piece of furniture. Airflow is key to ensuring that your rooms stay cool. While it may seem smart to close vents to re-route air to other areas of the house, it’s not quite how it works. Your vents are made to properly heat or cool a certain sized space. When your air filters are dirty, your system has to work even harder to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.


Don’t crank your thermostat too low. By putting your air temperature really low, you are forcing the machine to work harder to cool. And the same goes for heat. If you set it too low while you are gone, it will have to work that much harder when it’s time to bring the thermostat to your desired temperature again. 


While everyone loves natural light, it automatically creates warmth inside of your home. It’s important to stay mindful of this during the day, especially during peak sun times. Closing your curtains and blinds can decrease the temperature of your home, meaning your AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard. 


As much as we all love a home-cooked meal, we suggest saving the baking and cooking until later. These activities raise the temperature of your home, making it harder to stay cool. Consider not running your oven or using alternative cooking methods during the day’s heat.


Like your car and other major appliances, your air conditioner needs regular check-ups. A professional will evaluate your unit to ensure it is in good working order. This will help your air conditioning system run more efficiently, keep your bills down and ensure that a small issue doesn’t become a major problem. We recommend having someone service your unit in the spring and again in the fall before it cools.

Did you know that Blanton and Sons offers a Preventative Maintenance Program? Through a targeted, multi-step program, our technicians will service your unit to ensure that it is working properly and that there will be no surprises ahead. Not to mention, you’ll always have us in your corner, no matter the situation. Stay cool that summer with Blanton and Sons.