A Zone Control System Maintains Temperatures in Different Areas of a Home

Some homeowners are ok in a warm home, while others like it to be “freezing.” Who are these people? Am I right!? Regardless of your preference, you can nap in the cold while your family member enjoys not feeling like an ice cube throughout the rest of the house. Zone control systems allow you to […]

What’s That Smell in My Kitchen?

Do you take the trash out regularly and clean your kitchen daily, but you still can’t get rid of the odor in your home? The problem may be your kitchen sink! A lot happens in the sink… we prep food, wash our hands, clean dishes and more. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria. […]

Why am I getting cold air instead of heat?

Is your unit struggling to heat your home? While we’ve had some seasonally warm temperatures lately in the Lowcountry, that winter chill still sets in at night. Have you turned on your unit recently only to get a big blast of cold air? This can happen occasionally and isn’t necessarily a sign of a bigger […]

Causes of no hot water

If you stumbled on this post, it’s likely in the event that you don’t have hot water. We’ll go through the common reasons for this and get you back to washing dishes and enjoying a hot shower. Undersized water heater This may seem like a no-brainer, a common reason the water isn’t hot. Think about […]

Is it time to replace the toilet?

It’s an essential and humble fixture in your home. Unlike curtains or kitchen appliances, the toilet is one of those things you don’t fix unless it’s broken. But eventually, you’ll know when it’s been long enough and a new toilet is necessary. Please continue reading for the five things to look out for in knowing […]

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon Monoxide can only be an issue in homes that use gas appliances. It’s the “silent killer” because you may not even know you’ve been exposed. It’s odorless and colorless. Knowing the safety precautions and preventions in your Charleston home is crucial. Blanton and Sons have all the answers you need to be safe from […]

Unusual AC Repairs to Watch For

It can be easy to spot necessary repairs to your air conditioning system. It might not cool the house properly… there could be a rattling sound… or often, you’ll see ice build up on the evaporator coils. We see a few concerns less often, but if they become something you notice, you’ll need us to […]

Does your air conditioning sound like popcorn?

This time of year, the air is running frequently. Did you recently turn on your air, working or not, and hear a sound like the popping of popcorn? This could be due to a few reasons. There could be something stuck in the fan blades. A loose bearing in the compressor can also cause this […]

Servicing AC in the Spring

No matter where you reside, and especially in Charleston, having your air system maintained in the spring is the best time of year to do so. Up until now, your air conditioning has yet to work its most demanding. And while it may be operating fine now, it could be set up for failure this […]

Dehumidifier Add-on for HVAC System

You’re probably familiar with the portable standalone dehumidifiers that require emptying the tank, but there is a more effective way to treat the humidity in your whole house. A Dehumidifier Add-on can be installed alongside your current central air system. While the common standalone dehumidifier may be a fraction of the cost, it is only […]