Benefits of a Preventative AC Maintenance Plan

As we head into the dog days of summer, temperatures in Charleston are likely to hit over 90 degrees for the next several weeks, well into the traditional fall season. Whether your HVAC unit is new or has been working steadily for the last several years, it still makes sense to have it inspected and maintained on a regular basis, and we will tell you why.

1. Better Energy Efficiency

The most important part of your HVAC is ensuring that the machine is in working order. Our trained technicians undergo a lengthy maintenance process that includes inspecting and cleaning parts and ensuring the machine is in overall working order. When your coils are clean, they provide cooler temperatures than those that aren’t maintained annually. Plus, clean coils mean a cheaper energy bill.

2. Cleaner Air 

One of the biggest issues with your HVAC is actually hidden in plain sight. Dirt and debris particles can collect inside your unit as the season wears on. Not only could it clog your ducts and require cleaning, but it could also back up into your house, causing extra expenses. 

3. Greater Comfort

The peace of mind of having a skilled technician ensure all components of your air conditioner are working well is worth the world. Not only will they identify any irregularities or issues in advance, but they are a great resource for questions. Staying cool is easier when you have a team of professionals behind you. 

4. Saves Time and Money 

While it may seem like an extra expense in your monthly bill, investing in regular maintenance of your air conditioner or your plumbing system is just like a preventative doctor’s appointment. While it may be inconvenient, it’s scheduled time for a professional to take a look. Our team takes the time to ensure that your unit is in the best condition possible. Any issues we see with damaged or worn parts can be taken care of quickly before any issues arise that could potentially cause more damage to the unit. A little prevention now can prevent a very big headache down the road.