Get an Air Scrubber Plus on us!

Air quality is important and no one wants to breathe dirty air. Clean air can differ among many people. Some people are sensitive to mold, bacteria and other allergens while others are not as sensitive. A regular air filter can only do so much and won’t stop most of the airborne bacteria that we breathe. That’s where UV lights come in.

Air Scrubber Plus - UV Bulb for HVAC

These lights can be installed in your air system to fight against the allergens that slip by air filters. The light kills the harmful bacteria instantly. These lights can also keep indoor AC coils from growing mildew as these coils stay wet for many months of the year.

Blanton and Sons is offering a free Air Scrubber UV Bulb with and new duct install. Ask us how to receive yours as this offer only lasts through to the end of February.

UV Light Bulbs act as an air filter to kill airborne allergens such as mold and bacteria..