Dehumidifier Add-on for HVAC System

You’re probably familiar with the portable standalone dehumidifiers that require emptying the tank, but there is a more effective way to treat the humidity in your whole house. A Dehumidifier Add-on can be installed alongside your current central air system.

While the common standalone dehumidifier may be a fraction of the cost, it is only effective at removing the humidity in the air directly around it. Depending on your home’s size, this won’t solve the problem.

Why have lower humidity in the home

In the Lowcountry, we are used to feeling the effects of humid weather. You may love it, and the mod certainly does too. Mold can be found in areas that don’t stay dry, and it can also be found in your ductwork. Does your house smell musty right now? That air isn’t the best thing for you. You can use cleaners and bleach to remove mold in your shower and along window sills, but there’s no easy way to remove it from your air system’s ductwork.

Why install a Dehumidifier Add-on?

Doesn’t my air conditioning lower humidity levels?

Yes and No!

No: It’s pretty dry during the winter and in homes in the Midwest, and dehumidification is unnecessary. In Charleston, the air system does a fine job at maintaining 30-50% humidity, but not in the summertime.

Yes: There are two significant reasons here! Your central air condition can’t keep up from spring through summer and into fall. The help of a Dehumidifier Add-on will drastically collect more humidity and drain it outside.

Another common problem we see is that the air system is too big for the house. When this is the case, the system cools the home very quickly, shuts off and doesn’t have enough time to remove the humidity. A correctly sized system can help with this issue.

Is a Whole-Home Dehumidifier worth the cost?

In dry climates, no. But in Charleston, absolutely.

It all comes down to you being comfortable. If your house is 72 ° and it still feels wet and gross, your humidity is too high, and the central air can’t help enough. Talk to our professionals, and we’ll see find the best options for your particular space.