Does your air conditioning sound like popcorn?

This time of year, the air is running frequently. Did you recently turn on your air, working or not, and hear a sound like the popping of popcorn? This could be due to a few reasons. There could be something stuck in the fan blades. A loose bearing in the compressor can also cause this sound. And lastly, if your refrigerant leaks, a similar sound may result.

How to remove an item stuck in the fan blades.

The sound you hear could be as simple as a tree limb lodged in your outdoor unit. This is the typical first place to look. The first step when dealing with anything hooked up to electricity is disconnecting the power. You can then try pulling the object out or using a pair of pliers. A few screws might allow easy removal of the cover; just be careful to reinstall it correctly. You may want to call a technician.

What’s a compressor?

The air conditioning compressor is a central part of the air system. Its job is to circulate refrigerant through the unit. If the compressor is frozen or failing, it could cause your “popcorn” sound. This is a significant part and one of the most expensive, so Preventative Maintenance and catching a problem early can save you from replacing a broken compressor.

Motor Bearings

These bearings hold the motor shaft in place and allow it to rotate freely. If these bearings become loose, then the misalignment can cause noise. If not addressed quickly, much damage could be done, and the motor might need replacing.

Refrigerant Leak

When refrigerant becomes low, the system won’t cool the house properly. Low refrigerant can cause a popping sound and may lead to compressor failure. If you believe this is the issue, calling a technician to repair the refrigerant lines is dire.