Don’t Let Winter Season Heating Needs Steal Your Holiday Joy

The hot and humid weather that we love about Charleston gives us the benefit to stay indoors where it’s cool. The nice weather doesn’t last to long, though, or it is on and off again. During Christmas, we might spend time outdoors or it might be 55 and rainy.

Your system has likely had a long and hard summer and, while it isn’t dead, it may be tired out. If this is the case, it is time to call Blanton & Sons for air conditioning inspection to get your system up to speed.

If you aren’t sure what the signs are that you have some late season air conditioning repair needs, don’t worry. We will give you the answers that you seek.


You turn on your heat and wait for several minutes but, there is nothing but cool air coming through the vents. Rather than walking through hot spots in your home you are being haunted by a freezing house.


Whether it is rattling, banging or whistling, we promise that these noises can all be explained and they can all be fixed. Banging could be an improperly sized unit. Rattlig could just mean that parts are loose. If you hear anything other than the usual breeze of warm air, it is time to call ghostbusters. Only kidding… we can fix it!


Does it seem like your system doesn’t run as long as it used to? It kicks on for a few minutes and seems like it isn’t completing a full cycle? This likely means that it is just going through short-cycle and if not fixed immediately, it can cost you a lot next year.


Is your energy bill way hotter than your home? This could be caused by something as simple as a filter needing changed or damaged heat strips. Either way, getting It looked at sooner is always better.