Eliminate Harmful Bacteria in the Air and on Surfaces

A lot has changed since the Coronavirus isolation has taken effect in America. People at home and in businesses are taking all kinds of precautions to help spread the virus. It leaves us to talk about ways to eliminate the spread of this virus and other germs and even air pollutants through your air conditioning system.

Meet the Air Scrubber

This add-on to any air system has a technology powered by a UV light that eliminates germs in the air and household surfaces and furniture. It goes beyond traditional air purifiers and has been awarded Certified Space Technology.

How does it work?

Oxygen and water molecules that flow through your air system travel through the Air Scrubber’s “honeycomb matrix”. They are then supercharged and become powerful oxidizers. Released through your air vents, they seek out contaminants, mold or other odor-causing bacteria. In turn, there are fewer chances of getting sick and relief for allergies.

The Air Scrubber is proven effective by leading university studies. Harvard also wrote how with this technology that improves air quality, it helps extend our lifespan.

Is it for you?

  • If you are looking to eliminate harmful bacteria and virus spreading germs
  • If you seek to improve the relief of allergies or asthma
  • If you’d like to eliminate odors caused by pets
  • If you continue to find ways to sleep better

Still have questions?

Ask us for more information or to have our licensed technicians install an Air Scrubber in your air system and walk you through how easy and effective it works in your home or office. Stay safe out there!