Flooding and Your AC Unit

While an air conditioning unit is designed to withstand weather conditions, sometimes you’ll need to call your technician to inspect for damage. If your AC unit is in standing water, due to flooding, it can cause severe damage to the electrical and moving parts. Generally, the water must reach roughly a foot in depth to affect your air conditioning system, but if you’ve experienced flooding of any kind, call Blanton & Son’s for an immediate inspection.

To avoid further damage or danger to you and others, we advise you to take these steps:

  • Turn off all the electrical switches to your system. If you are not comfortable doing this, you can call us to help.
  • Allow your unit to dry out. Get rid of any standing water if possible and use caution clearing debris from around the unit.
  • Leave your air off until a professional inspection has been performed.

Don’t cover your HVAC unit with a tarp. This can cause it to rust due to not allowing the unit to air out..

For a full inspection and safety check, call Blanton & Son’s after making sure to have read all of these guidelines.