Help! My Air Conditioning is Leaking Water

Here are 8 Reasons Why

Is your air conditioning leaking water? There could be quite a few reasons why. Your air conditioning unit cools your home by removing heat and humidity from the air. As the AC unit starts to extract the humidity, it creates condensate or water that collects in your air handler. It’s typically collected in the drain pan and routed through pipes to your home’s exterior drainage system. If there’s a blockage in these pipes, it could cause the water to back up in the drain pan and overflow into your home.

Most home drainage systems have a secondary drain pan that connects to an exterior pipe. If you notice water dripping from this pipe, it’s not normal and the sign of a drainage issue. Some homes have a safety device that will automatically shut off your unit if this occurs. If you see water, you should immediately turn your unit off to avoid additional water damage. 

If your AC unit starts to leak water, here are a few explanations why. 

A Blockage in the Condensate Drain

In the South, the air is hot and humid most of the year. As it hits the evaporator coil, water starts to appear on the cooled metal surface. The water drains into a pan within the air handler. As the cooling mechanism takes place, the water flows out of the pan and into the piping before it overflows. However, if dirt and debris build-up, it can clog the drain, preventing the water from moving. 

The Drain Line is Disconnected 

While it’s not typical, if work is taking place on or near your unit, it’s possible that the drain line got disconnected. It’s also possible to loosen it while changing the air filter. It’s easy to notice if this has happened and can easily be fixed by one of our technicians. 

Condensate Pump is Broken

It’s possible that the pump itself is faulty if you have a unit that relies on a condensate pump. This is needed when your drainage system is above your air conditioning unit. Water can back up, even if the drain line is clean, and cause a leak. 

Issues with the Evaporator Coil

Seeing drips on your air handler? Water may be splashing off of the evaporator coil rather than draining into the pan. A likely cause could be a faulty, dirty or cracked coil, something our technicians are experts at replacing. 

Low Refrigerant Level

Sometimes a leak could be caused by an issue with your refrigerant. If your AC isn’t cooling enough, it might not be getting enough refrigerant to produce the cold air. It’s important to maintain this at all times and our preventative maintenance plan could help you keep up with this.

Dirty Air Filter

Have you changed your air filter regularly? Without proper airflow and ventilation, the evaporator coils may become too cold and freeze. When they thaw, the excess water overflows into the drain, potentially causing an overflow and leak. 

It’s Too Cold

Your AC unit is meant to be run during warm weather. If it’s too cold outside and the air conditioning unit is running, it can cause the evaporator coils to freeze. As the coils thaw, they could cause an overflow into the drainage pan and the ice chunks could cause a blockage.

Damaged Drip Pan

If your air conditioning unit is more than 10 years old, it’s possible that your drainage pan has gotten corroded or damaged over time. If it has holes in it, condensate could drip right through it, causing a water leak. 

Whatever the reason why your air conditioning unit is leaking water, our team at Blanton and Sons is equipped to help you identify the issue right away and get it back up and running. If you worry about ongoing repairs, our preventative maintenance program could be a great way for us to provide the comfort and care you and your home deserve. 

Call us today for any air conditioning-related issues or to learn more about our preventative home maintenance program.