How to Save Money on Your Monthly HVAC

Use our tips to save some green on the life of your machine 

With the cold weather we’ve been having here in the Lowcountry, it’s important to be prepared for higher heating bills when the temperatures start getting lower. There are plenty of simple, easy things that you can do to save on your heating bill. So grab a coffee, a blanket and read on! 

Fix leaks

The most important thing you can do is check every window and door to ensure that cold air isn’t leaking into your house. Even things like light fixtures and outlets can let in air. See if you can feel any airflow and if so, patch them with some weather stripping or caulking. It’s the easiest way to save significantly. 

Program your thermostat

There’s no sense running the heat all day when you are away from your home. Instead, invest in a thermostat that can be pre-programmed. While it’s a slight investment, it can save you the headache of having to remember to lower the temperature every time you leave. Instead, this will do the heavy lifting for you. And even just a few degrees can mean quite a few dollars difference.  

Invest in good curtains 

By using curtains, you can help block airflow from escaping in through your window frames and it can help keep the cool air outside. If you are worried about drafty windows, thick curtains are a good call.  

Open the blinds

This one may seem counterintuitive but by letting the light in, you are helping to heat your house. Open your blinds in sun-facing windows every and let the sun naturally help warm up your home. Your unit won’t have to work as hard. 

Wear extra clothing and/or add blankets

Grab that bathrobe, those fuzzy slippers and those flannel pajamas that you love. Now is the time of year to get cozy and comfortable by wearing more layers. The warmer you are inside, the less you will need your heat. 

Get cooking 

Turn on your oven and make yourself something warm and delicious. Not only will the oven heat up your home but by eating warm foods or drinking something hot, you’ll warm yourself up from the inside out and won’t need your heat to be blasting. 

Use ceiling fans

Ceiling fans help move the air in your home and as we all know, hot air rises. So, be sure to reverse the direction of your ceiling fan to help pull that air down into the room and help circulate it more throughout the space. 

Watch that fireplace 

While fireplaces might be warm and cozy, typically they are only heating one room of your home at a time and can make the rest of your space feel colder. Which is bad news for your electric bill. Use your fireplace sparingly and know that it may be also letting in more cold air if it is not being properly maintained. 

Use a space heater 

If certain spaces of your house are a bit colder, consider investing in a space heater rather than turning up your heat. Just be careful not to leave it on overnight as it can be a fire hazard if left unattended. 

Replace your filters 

Of course, you know this already if you keep up with our blog! So yeah, follow those instructions and change those filters regularly. This can add up to big energy savings over time, and also improve the lifespan of your air system. 

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