How to Use Your Ceiling Fan This Winter

We all know that fans are great for cooling your home during the summer, but did you know that they can produce warmth and save on heating costs during the winter?

The purpose of ceiling fans is to evenly distribute and circulate air in a room. They produce a ‘wind-chill effect’ making you feel almost 4 degrees cooler on those hot summer  days, without even having to adjust your thermostat. 

For Producing Heat

Likewise, in the winter, you can use your ceiling fan to help circulate the heat in your rooms, with one easy change: you’ll need to switch the direction of the blades on your ceiling fans. 


With the fan off, locate the switch on the fan that controls the direction of the blades. This will likely be in between the blades and the light fixtures. 


In the summer, the blades will be moving in a counter clockwise direction. You will need to change it to run in a clockwise direction by flipping the switch

The blades running in a clockwise direction will push air up. This will circulate the air without producing the wind-chill effect. The air will be pushed up toward the ceiling, toward the walls, then the air will go back down to the ground, taking all the warm air from the top of the room back down to the bottom. 

Some experts say that homeowners can save 15% on their energy bill during the winter by running their ceiling fans. Contact Blanton and Sons Heating and Air to find out more about how we can provide you with more ways to ensure that your home is energy-efficient and comfortable year round.

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