Improve Health & Happiness with MERV Filters

The wonderful spring weather has arrived, but with it comes the dreadful tree and grass allergies. If you take the right steps and keep an eye on your air system, you can lessen the impact of allergies and even the sickness from airborne viruses. With fewer irritants and dust in the air, the healthier and happier you’ll be. The answer: a highly-rated MERV filter.

It may be able to prevent illness

Will a MERV filter keep you from getting sick? While the immediate answer isn’t yes, when accompanied with the best practices, it is proven to help with the prevention. Studies show that these AC filters with a 7 – 13 MERV rating are “likely to be nearly as effective as true HEPA filters”. They can stop bacteria, mold spores, odors, smoke, pollen and asbestos. While there isn’t a proven study that a MERV or HEPA filter will stop the microparticles that harbor viruses, it can minimize your chance of contracting the diseases. 

For example, dust and particles move through any space and a filter will keep the dust from floating through your home, thus helping to purify the air quality and slowing down any disease that lives on these larger particles. 

There are several filtration systems to consider if your family suffers from certain sensitivities, so it is important to ask our HVAC professionals for the best option for your home.

HEPA Filters in Home Air Conditioning?

It’s not common and nor recommended to use a HEPA air filter in a traditional home HVAC system. This would require costly modifications and an entire air system redesign in order to handle the installation of a true HEPA system.

Fortunately for you, if looking for a highly effective filter for your home, the EPA reports that AC filters with a 7 – 13 MERV rating are “likely to be nearly as effective as true HEPA filters”.

MERV Filter for Home Air Systems
HEPA Filter for Air Purifier

Be mindful of the fact that while a quality filter likely reduces the risk of spreading disease, there’s not an exception to proper hygiene and guidance from a medical professional. Keep this in mind as you look over your home and stay safe!