Indoor Air Quality Testing & Services in Charleston, SC

Are you suffering from poor indoor air quality (IAQ)? If you want to get your air quality measured so that you can see the bigger picture, reach out to the team at Blanton & Sons.

When our experts arrive to test air quality in your home or business, they’ll be dressed in professional, clean attire and come equipped with the necessary tools and training for the job. Call our family-owned business today to get accurate air quality test results for your building!

The Importance of IAQ Testing

Indoor air quality testing plays a key role in uncovering the presence of pollutants like volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide, which often go undetected in your home or office environment. By identifying these pollutants, the test allows you to tackle the source directly — whether it’s from natural gas appliances or chemical off-gassing from furniture. This proactive approach ensures that any interventions are accurately targeted, which enhances the overall indoor air quality and safeguards the spaces within.

Regular testing of indoor air quality is more than just a regulatory compliance measure. By using air quality monitors to detect and address contaminants like mold spores and particulate matter, you can prevent a range of health issues, from respiratory problems to allergies. Maintaining good indoor air quality through consistent monitoring and remediation not only supports your health but also contributes to your mental well-being by fostering a cleaner, more breathable living space.

Effective IAQ testing can sometimes improve your HVAC system — particularly if poor ventilation is contributing to compromised air quality. By conducting air quality testing and analyzing air flow, you can make informed adjustments to your HVAC settings and possibly reduce energy consumption. This process not only helps improve air quality but also ensures that your system is operating efficiently — distributing fresh air evenly throughout your space.

The comfort of your living or workspace is closely tied to the quality of the air you breathe. IAQ testing identifies areas where improvements can be made, whether it’s adjusting humidity levels or enhancing ventilation. 

This naturally allows for a more tailored approach to managing your indoor climate and makes sure that air purifiers and other systems are effectively making your environment more pleasant. As such, professional IAQ testing directly contributes to a more comfortable, inviting atmosphere.


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When Should You Schedule an IAQ Test?

Deciding when to schedule professional IAQ testing can depend on several factors. Regular testing is a good idea, particularly after any event that could affect air quality, such as renovations that might introduce new materials into your space.

Seasonal changes can also impact air quality, with higher humidity in the summer potentially leading to mold growth. Additionally, any noticeable decrease in air quality — signaled by odors or an increase in health complaints among residents — should prompt an immediate air quality test. This strategic scheduling helps maintain optimal indoor air, protecting both health and comfort.

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