Installation Guide & Information

Congratulations on your new equipment!

At Blanton & Sons, we strive to provide trusted and reliable service to all of our clients. Please read through this informative sheet to best educate you on what you can do to maintain your system(s). 

Maintenance Services 

We strongly encourage having all HVAC, Tankless Water Heaters, Dehumidifiers, or Humidifiers cleaned every six months. Ideally, during the Spring and Fall months to best prepare you for the upcoming season to ensure peak performance!

We understand how busy life gets, which is why at Blanton & Sons, we do our best to reach out and remind you to schedule your Preventative Maintenance service. 

If you don’t receive your bi-annual reminder, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office to schedule your service! 


Any labor warranties honored through Blanton & Sons requires bi-annual Preventative Maintenance cleanings performed only by our personnel.


We are happy to replace your filters during your Preventative Maintenance service at $15 per pleated filter. However, it is very important to change your filters every month! Missing filter changes can result in higher energy usage, sweating ducts, blower motor and compressor damage.

If you are interested in purchasing your filters in bulk, give us a call for pricing! 

Blanton & Sons Labor Warranty 

Blanton & Sons holds our team to the highest integrity and standards, which is why we stand by and will honor any workmanship-related faults. However, we remind our clients that we do not manufacture or make these products and therefore cannot guarantee against any parts that may fail. The following reasons include, but are not limited to; do not fall under Blanton & Sons Labor Warranty qualifications:

  • Rusting

  • Rodent/Pest Damage

  • Regular wear & tear

  • Acts of God (i.e., Power surges, wind-related damage, storm damage, flood damage, etc.)

Any missed Preventative Maintenance services (required every six months) or any other individual outside of Blanton & Sons performing work on the units will VOID the Labor Warranty with Blanton & Sons. 

While Blanton & Sons does make an effort to contact each of our customers to remind them to schedule their PM service, each homeowner’s responsibility is to schedule their services accordingly. Therefore, Blanton & Sons cannot be held liable for failure to schedule cleanings.