Interior Design Trends: Spiral Ductwork

If you’ve looked up at a retail store recently, you’ve probably noticed duct similar to what you’d find in your home attic. Until recently these features were tucked away behind walls and drop ceiling panels. Now, modern designers are utilizing spiral ducts and exposing them in many of their coolest projects. The layout of these pipes is also very important to allow the proper airflow in a building and they can easily contribute to the aesthetic of the building when painted or left with their original industrial steel color.

From home furnishing stores to small retail shops to trending new restaurants, spiral duct pipes give an industrial vibe that’s totally customizable. You can get creative and paint the exposed sheet metal which works especially well in modern buildings. The duct comes in round, square and oval creating the perfect statement.

Discussions about the benefits to spiral ducts:

  1. Air leakage can be a major factor in standard duct joints. Round, spiral duct products seal in the air, while other systems require reinforced joints to guarantee efficient airflow.
  2. Air flows more evenly throughout the spiral duct for maximum ventilation.
  3. Older duct lines in attics can cause lower indoor air quality, but the airtight ducts provide cleaner air as they are simpler and installed upon indoor ceilings.
  4. Spiral ducts are very quiet and ideal for open building layouts.
  5. It is easy to clean spiral and square ducts and very affordable.
  6. Rectangular ducts require more space, while spiral ducts are seamless and take up several inches of less space.
  7. The installment and material can cost as much as half than that of regular ducts.

While these offer more efficient airflow and lower energy costs, they are trending for many good reasons. Ask us how many ways your space might benefit from spiral duct and feel free to bring us your concerns!