Is it time to replace the toilet?

It’s an essential and humble fixture in your home. Unlike curtains or kitchen appliances, the toilet is one of those things you don’t fix unless it’s broken. But eventually, you’ll know when it’s been long enough and a new toilet is necessary. Please continue reading for the five things to look out for in knowing it’s time to go!


Frequent clogs in the toilet that aren’t easy or can’t be cleaned with plunging or household remedies may indicate a more significant underlying issue. The older toilets might not be equipped to handle modern-day water-saving practices. If this seems to be the case, a new toilet with greater flushing power will make you glad you replaced it.


Cracks can be a huge problem. Not to mention water-wasting, if you spot any cracks, water leaks could cause some pretty bad water damage. Consult with us to see if a long-term repair or a new toilet is needed.


Do you find yourself maintaining or fixing the toilet a lot? Are there leaks, clogs, or flushing problems? If you constantly think about it, it might be time to upgrade your bathroom time!


An outdated toilet won’t have the same water-saving techniques as new ones. Older toilets use more water per flush, racking up your water usage. Stepping it up to a new toilet will help with efficiency and bettering your environmental footprint.


Most toilets have a lifespan, so consider this when accessing yours. A new toilet will help with peace of mind, water-efficiency and enhancing the look of your bathroom.

Always feel free to ask us if you want to know more.