Prep Your AC Unit for Fall

While fall breezes and autumn leaves are some of our favorite things about this season, there’s no denying that an accumulation of leaves could cause issues. There’s nothing worse than having your air conditioning unit fail as we head into winter because you never know when the temperatures may drop. Steer clear of dust, dirt and debris with our tips. Read on to keep your unit in tip-top condition.*

Clear the Clutter 

Before you get too far, make sure you have the proper supplies. A trash bag for collecting leaves will come in handy. Be sure to remove all of the leaves that are around, on top of and maybe even wedged into the unit. 

Cut the Cord 

Now, we are going to clean inside of the unit. Disconnect the power to your AC by flipping the AC breaker on your unit. It’s now safe to clean the inside of your unit.

Remove the Panels 

Using a cordless drill or screwdriver, remove the screws and put them into a small container so not to lose them. Remove the panels, starting from the backside of the unit. Make sure you are careful when you remove these. And don’t forget to keep them in order so you can remember how to put them back.

Free the Fins

Just like the leaves that accumulated on the outside, dirt and dust gather on the inside of your unit on your fins. Use a soft-bristle brush or a hose with a spray nozzle to clear these. Be sure to brush up and down, never side to side. And spray from the top, not directly onto the fins to keep them safe. Once your unit has dried, put the panels back on in the correct order and rescrew them in. Now, you have a clean, clutter-free AC unit!

*Be advised when tackling a DIY such as cleaning a unit on your own. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to service it for you!