Heating Maintenance

At Blanton & Sons, we offer a variety of professional HVAC services to ensure that your heating system can offer the warmth you need during the coldest parts of the year. To that end, we’re proud to offer thorough heating maintenance services in Charleston, SC, and the surrounding region that will leave your unit as clean and efficient as it can be. By the time our caring and attentive technicians are done maintaining your heating system, you can have confidence that it will be prepared to keep your family comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside!

What Does Heating Maintenance Include?

Heating maintenance is a crucial aspect of ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your HVAC system. Regular heating maintenance — when performed by our experienced technicians — encompasses a variety of tasks to keep your system running efficiently. 

This includes a routine maintenance appointment that typically involves a tune-up, a thorough visual inspection of the entire system, cleaning of both the indoor and outdoor units, and replacement of air filters. The goal is to guarantee that your system can run smoothly and provide you with hot air during a freezing winter night and any other time of the year.

What Problems Can Heating Maintenance Prevent?

Regular heating maintenance serves as a preventative measure against a variety of potential problems. By addressing minor issues during scheduled HVAC maintenance, you can avoid major problems down the line. These problems may include inefficiencies in your heating system — leading to increased energy bills — impaired performance, and a decrease in indoor air quality.

Furthermore, through comprehensive heating repair, our HVAC services can mitigate the chances of your system blowing out cold air when you need warmth the most. Such preventative maintenance will play a key role in keeping your home comfortable all year-round!


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What Happens if You Neglect Heating Maintenance?

Neglecting heating maintenance can have severe consequences for your HVAC system. When homeowners fail to schedule regular HVAC maintenance, their systems may gradually lose efficiency, causing increased energy bills and uncomfortable indoor temperatures. 

Over time, the wear and tear on the system can lead to major problems as well, necessitating costly heating repair. Neglect can also contribute to poor air quality, as dirty filters can circulate dust and allergens throughout the home. To avoid these issues, it’s essential to not only schedule heating maintenance but also to address minor problems promptly before they escalate into more serious issues.

How Often Should You Schedule Heating Maintenance?

In general, you should schedule heating maintenance at least once a year. We recommend doing this during the spring and fall months. This biannual commitment ensures that your HVAC system continues to operate efficiently and reliably. By adhering to this schedule, you can not maintain better system efficiency and save money on energy bills over time. The extra mile taken with regular maintenance also extends the lifespan of the heating system, reducing the need for frequent and expensive heating repairs down the road.

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