Heating Repair

Are you experiencing a heating problem in South Carolina? Then Blanton & Sons will be there to help! Our family business has experience working with many different kinds of HVAC systems, meaning that we’ll know how to fix your heating system no matter what type or model it is. When our professional and caring team of technicians arrives for the job, you can have confidence that warmth will return to your home in no time.

Why Do Heaters Need Repairs?

Heating systems may require repairs for a variety of reasons. For example, the age and regular use of your heating system can lead to wear and tear of its components. Over time, this can result in reduced efficiency and the need for maintenance or other heating services. In addition, inadequate maintenance services or neglecting to change filters can lead to clogs and reduced airflow — making the HVAC system work harder and consume more energy, ultimately leading to higher energy bills.

It’s also worth noting that issues with the thermostat can cause a heating system to blow cold air, which is a clear sign that repairs are needed. In some cases, the problem may stem from faulty installation or incompatible components in a new HVAC system, requiring professional assistance to address the issues and ensure efficient operation.

Signs That There’s Something Wrong With Your Heater

Recognizing the signs that a heater needs repairs is vital for maintaining a comfortable, efficient, and reliable system. One common indicator you’ll want to look out for is uneven heating, which makes some rooms feel significantly colder than others. A sudden increase in energy bills without an obvious explanation can also signal a problem with your HVAC system.

Odd noises, such as clunking or rattling, are another red flag. Moreover, if the heater is cycling on and off frequently or blowing only lukewarm air, it’s a clear indication that heating repairs are necessary. Identifying these signs promptly can help prevent further damage to the heating system and improve indoor air quality.


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It's Best to Schedule Heating Repairs as Soon as You Can

Scheduling heating repairs as soon as you notice any issues is advisable for several reasons. For example, prompt action can prevent minor issues from escalating into major and costly problems — potentially extending the lifespan of your HVAC system. Furthermore, timely repairs can lead to significant energy savings by ensuring the heating system operates at its highest efficiency. 

Delaying necessary heating services can result in uncomfortable living conditions and higher energy bills, and it can even pose health risks if it affects indoor air quality. Therefore, it’s best to contact HVAC companies with certified technicians — like Blanton & Sons — to address the issue promptly so that warmth can be restored as soon as possible.

What Heating System Components Are Most Prone to Breaking?

When it comes to heating system components prone to breaking, there are a few you should keep an eye on. The capacitor is a critical part of many systems, and its failure can result in inefficient or inconsistent heating. Additionally, the thermostat plays a crucial role in maintaining temperature control and can lead to issues if it malfunctions. It’s important to call a professional for heating repairs in these cases because they have the expertise to diagnose and fix the problem correctly. 

Attempting to repair these components without proper knowledge can lead to further damage or potentially compromise the safety of your HVAC system. Relying on the expertise of our reputable HVAC company ensures that the necessary heating services are carried out correctly, restoring your system to efficient operation.

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