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Are you thinking of installing a ductless HVAC system? Need repairs for your existing system? Whatever the case may be, our family-owned business will be there to help! At Blanton & Sons, our skilled technicians can provide top-notch mini split services, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

Why Consider a Mini-Split Installation?

Mini split installations offer numerous advantages for both residential and commercial spaces alike. For example, one of the primary benefits of a ductless mini split system is its energy efficiency, as it allows for zoned cooling and heating — eliminating the energy loss associated with traditional ducted systems. Mini splits are known for their ductless nature, which means there’s no need for ductwork, reducing energy consumption and associated installation costs.

These systems consist of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units — often with the option of a mini split heat pump for efficient heating and cooling. Ductless mini splits provide precise temperature control in each room, which improves comfort and reduces utility bills at the same time. Their ease of installation and operation make them an excellent choice for any property owner!

Where Should Mini-Splits Be Installed?

Determining the optimal placement of ductless mini splits within is key for maximizing benefits. To decide where to install mini split systems, it’s important to consider the layout, size, and purpose of each room. Areas that require consistent temperature control, such as living rooms, bedrooms, or offices, are ideal for indoor units, while the outdoor unit should be located in a convenient, unobstructed outdoor space.

It’s essential to plan for efficient routing of the refrigerant lines and electrical wiring connecting the indoor and outdoor units. Consulting with the HVAC professionals at Blanton & Sons can provide you with insight into the best placement for your ductless mini split system — ensuring that every room enjoys optimal comfort and energy savings.


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If You Need to Install a Mini-Split, Always Call an HVAC Expert

Calling Blanton & Sons for mini split installation will lead to better results than if you

were to attempt to install one on your own. This is because ductless mini split systems are complex and require precise installation to operate at their best. Blanton’s technicians are trained by Mitsubishi to ensure every unit is installed properly. With this special training we are able to offer the best ductless 12 year parts warranty on every residential installation. The installation process involves handling refrigerant and electrical connections, and any errors during installation can result in energy loss and potential safety hazards.

Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the installation of ductless mini split systems and can ensure the proper placement and connection of both the indoor and outdoor units — preventing any energy efficiency issues or loose connections. We can also assess your specific needs and recommend the right mini split heat pump or cooling unit for your space, providing a  hassle-free, energy-efficient solution that will last for years. Every ductless system design goes through Mitsubishi’s engineering program called Diamond System Builder to guarantee a proper match up.

How to Tell Your Mini-Split Needs Repairs

Recognizing when a mini split system requires repairs is important for maintaining its efficiency. Signs of a ductless mini split repair may include irregular cooling or heating, unusual noises, or poor air quality. Inconsistent temperatures among indoor units can also indicate a problem. If you notice any of these issues, don’t hesitate to call the Blanton & Sons team for mini split repairs.

Additionally, ductless unit owners should regularly check for clogged filters and inspect the outdoor unit for obstructions or damage. Any deviation from the normal operation of your mini split system warrants a professional evaluation to prevent further issues and maintain its energy-efficient performance.

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