Water Heater Maintenance Services

At Blanton & Sons, we assist homeowners with more than just installing and repairing water heaters — our professional team also provides maintenance services to ensure that your system is well-cared for. Maintenance is vital to ensuring the longevity and efficient operation of your hot water heater, and we’ll be happy to help make sure that your gas or electric water heater is performing at its very best.

Give us a call today to schedule maintenance for your water heater! Once our team is finished, you can have confidence that your system is functioning properly and doesn’t have any underlying problems.

What Tasks Are Performed During Water Heater Maintenance?

Regular hot water heater maintenance involves a variety of tasks that help clean your system and keep it in top form. One essential task is draining the water heater tank to remove sediment buildup, which can accumulate over time and compromise the unit’s efficiency. This is achieved by connecting a garden hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the hot water tank and allowing the water to drain out. 

Additionally, checking and replacing the anode rod is another core part of water heater maintenance. The anode rod helps protect the water heater tank from corrosive elements, and performing this task prevents premature rusting and extends the life of the water heater. Routine inspections of the heating element, pressure relief valve, and venting system are also recommended.

Properly maintaining a water heater also helps maintain optimal energy efficiency, as sediment buildup and other issues can lead to heat loss and increased utility bills. Adjusting the temperature setting on the temperature dial and insulating pipes can further contribute to energy savings.


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How Often Should You Schedule Water Heater Maintenance?

It’s important to schedule water heater maintenance regularly to prevent potential issues and maintain the unit’s efficiency — but how often is enough? Ideally, hot water heater maintenance should be performed at least once a year for both electric and gas water heaters. However, in regions with hard water or other conditions that may accelerate sediment buildup, more frequent maintenance, such as every six months, may be more appropriate.

Regular maintenance includes tasks like flushing the tank to remove sediment and checking the pressure relief valve. It is essential to adhere to this schedule to avoid the consequences of neglecting routine maintenance. Failing to maintain a water heater can result in reduced energy efficiency, higher utility bills, and a shorter lifespan for the appliance. 

Over time, sediment accumulation can lead to clogs, causing damage to the heating element and the water lines. Neglecting these maintenance tasks may eventually result in the need for costly repairs or even premature replacement of the entire hot water heater.

What Happens When Water Heaters Are Never Maintained?

When water heaters are never maintained, there are several potential problems you might encounter. For example, the hot water tank can suffer from severe sediment buildup, reducing its heating efficiency and forcing the unit to work harder to provide hot water. This increased workload not only raises energy consumption but also contributes to higher utility bills.

Without regular inspections and care, corrosive elements can compromise the integrity of the tank, leading to leaks and potential water damage. In extreme cases, neglecting routine maintenance can cause the pressure relief valve to malfunction, posing a safety risk.

To avoid these problems, it’s a good idea to commit to scheduling routine water heater maintenance. Regularly maintaining a water heater not only ensures a continuous and reliable hot water supply but also contributes to a safer and more energy-efficient home.

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