Seasonal A/C System Tune-up

It may only be the start of March, but in Charleston, the sweltering heat is on its way. Now is the best time to take the needed maintenance check to avoid your system failing in the dead of summer when you need it most. There will be a greater demand for residential cooling repairs and you could find yourself with a home air system that decides to break-down at a time where repairs might not be so instant.


When our technicians arrive at your door for a scheduled visit, their task is to do a thorough check of all of the components of your system. Your technician is looking for anything that may hinder performance, including deteriorated parts or damage. Our experts will also look for any safety issues with gas and electrical components. This process is beneficial because:

  • Your cooling bills may drop with a tuned-up system.
  • You might not need to make any repairs during the season.
  • The system could exceed its expected lifespan.
  • You can schedule repairs with us now to correct issues and ensure your system is ready for the spring and summer.

Call us today and schedule your tune-up!