Signs that your heating system may need repair

Do you wonder if your heating system needs maintenance or repair? Heating, just like cooling, is not always as straightforward as one might think. Many times, we find ourselves working on systems that the homeowner might not have suspected anything was wrong. We can check your system before it gets colder and we’ve offered up a few ideas to keep in mind that may suggest that it’s time for repair. 


  1. Do you find yourself not as warm as you expected?
    Do you have to put on more layers? Was it this cold last year? Your air system should be able to keep up with the winter conditions and keep you warm on its own. If there seems to be an issue, it might need to be looked at by a professional.
  2. You’re paying more than you used to 
    There may be something off about your energy bill. Perhaps you expected it to be between $100 and $150. If it appears to be higher than last year, your system might not be running as efficiently. Don’t ignore the issue and continue to pay more than you should be. 
  3. Is your heater making a loud noise?
    While it’s not realistic for it to be completely silent, your system should not be so loud that it is noticeably distracting or irritating. If you hear banging, rattling or shrieking noises, it may just need to be recalibrated. 

If you suspect there to be an issue with your heat pump or furnace, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to give a free consultation.