Summer Savings – Optimize Your HVAC for the Summer

The Lowcountry is heating up, and we are back to cranking the air, but keeping cool can come with a heavy expense. Our experts have developed five simple tips to make sure you optimize your HVAC system for maximum output at a minimum investment.

Enhance your cooling system’s potential

Changing your filter regularly and keeping every vent in the house open may seem minor, or it may seem like a repetitive chore, but keeping consistent airflow in the home will make sure that your system runs efficiently. Keep bedroom doors open so that that colder rooms can contribute to warmer rooms. 

Update your HVAC system

You may have an outdated or worn-out system that can’t keep up anymore. Many new systems have the latest technology and parts to target “hot spots”. Automate your home with a thermostat to keep you cool when you require it and prevent it from being too cold while you’re away from home. 

Keep the heat outside

Take advantage of using a patio grill and reduce how often you use the oven. Avoid blasting cool air just because a blow dryer or curling iron is heating up the bathroom. 

Block the heat

Take advantage of indirect sunlight to light up your home and close blinds that are facing the sunlight. The heat from light rays will shine through the windows and cause heat to circulate inside the house. 

Push out the heat

Did you know that the wind chill from ceiling fans can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler? Ceiling fans and floor fans will move the heat up and out of your home faster than the air system alone. If you experience a cool evening, try opening a few windows to create a cross breeze that’ll bring fresh air in to replace the warm indoor air. Just remember to avoid windows being opened on humid days while your air conditioning is running and circulating excess moisture through the ductwork. 

Now’s the time to take action! Have your system inspected and take preventative measures to keep you from any unexpected expenses.