Summertime Plumbing Tips

Keep Your Pipes Working with Our Help

Summer is a special time for so many people. With the longer days and abundant sunshine, comes more time at the beach, on the boat or at the pool. We take vacations, play baseball late into the night and ride our bikes. We also spend lots of time visiting with friends and family. From hosting graduation parties to barbecues to visits with extended family and friends who feel like family, it can be easy to be swept away in the planning of all of the fun. But are your pipes up to the job? 

Hosting means increased traffic in your home, including many more flushes of the toilets, loads of clothes to wash and many dishes to clean. You are bound to water your plants more, sprinkle your lawn and potentially fill up that pool or hose down that boat. 

So is your home ready for the increased traffic? The trouble with your pipes can run from the simple to the complex including:

  • A clogged toilet, garbage disposal or drain
  • Running toilet
  • Leaky faucets
  • Low or decreased water pressure
  • The loose toilet, sink or other fixture
  • An incorrect grade of drainage pipes
  • Improper support of pipes
  • Pipes not sealed properly
  • The water heater fails, leaks or doesn’t heat
  • Pipes burst or crack
  • Pipes won’t flow due to obstruction

There are many proactive ways you can prevent any of the above from occurring in your home. With a little planning, you can ensure that your home is in tip-top shape.

See any Leaks?

First, check for leaks. Inspect each and every element of your home’s drainage system inside and outside. From your faucets, to shower heads, spigots, pipes and more, check for rust, corrosion, leaks or bent parts. Having a flashlight and a towel to check for damp spots can come in handy. 

How’s That Pressure?

Next, check your water pressure. A store-bought gauge can easily help you measure your output. The ideal range? 40-45 pounds per square inch and should not exceed 60 psi. 

What About Your Sprinklers?

Check these for leaks and replace any heads that are broken or that have sprung a leak. Sprinklers are notorious for leaking underground and running up your water bill. Always test these at the beginning of the summer season to prevent any bigger issues.

Don’t Forget About Your Gutters

These may not seem like an obvious area to pay attention to but keeping your gutters clean, keeps water away from your foundation. Also, pay attention to where you use your hose and be sure to use it a few feet away from the foundation, so water doesn’t pool there.

And Your Disposal Too

People don’t realize but during the summer and during holidays, your garbage disposal gets more use than it typically does. Avoid foods that are stringy such as celery or corn husks and hard foods like carrots or melon rinds. These can form clogs and can also get wound around the blade, causing issues. 

Watch the Washer 

Summertime brings with it lots of dirty, sweaty clothes and lots of outfit changes. Which means more work for the washer. Check that all of your hoses are intact and in good condition. Consider a stainless steel hose alternative since it’s stronger and lasts longer than rubber, which has an average life span of five years. 

Where’s Your Main Water Valve?

Should anything major happen with your water system, it’s always a good idea to know where your main water source is so that you can shut it down if you need to. Most of the individual elements of your water system will also have a valve to stop the water flow to a faucet or toilet.

Overwhelmed with the idea of keeping all of your pipes in working order?

Allow our team to help by joining our Preventative Maintenance Plan. Our team has an extensive checklist and runs through all of the potential problems with your pipes before it becomes an issue at the start of each season. Call us today to learn more!