The Overwhelming Decisions of Duct vs Ductless

Starting a commercial renovation project comes with a number of decisions that need to be made. While you may feel comfortable making some of these decisions, such as choosing the best layout and looking at interior design. You may, as a business owner, feel less than qualified to choose on the right HVAC system for your new space. A ducted or ductless air conditioning system? You’re not an HVAC expert, so how should you know the best route to take. 

You may already be aware that a ducted system distributes air through a series of air ducts that are generally constructed from sheet metal and are installed behind the walls, ceilings and floor of your space.

Unlike a ducted air system, a ductless or minisplit system doesn’t use ducts to distribute the air. These units are designed differently: where central air uses one unit to produce cool air, the ductless system consists of small air handlers installed throughout the home.

When to use a central air system:

You already have ducts. You live in a humid environment. You need better air flow. Aesthetics is a major concern. You’d like to minimize maintenance costs.

When to go with a ductless minisplit system:

There is no space for ducts. You’re adding to your home. Dust is a problem. Your space has different zones with different temperature requirements.

It’s  so easy to create custom comfort zones in your space by individually controlling ductless air handlers. This can also come in handy to settle those office air conditioning battles over temperature issues!

Every HVAC system is elaborate and must be designed to meet the needs of your space. It pays for itself to bring in a qualified team of experts to design the best fit for you. Don’t allow your building contractor to install your HVAC system as they may not be qualified and have the best understanding.