Unusual AC Repairs to Watch For

It can be easy to spot necessary repairs to your air conditioning system. It might not cool the house properly… there could be a rattling sound… or often, you’ll see ice build up on the evaporator coils. We see a few concerns less often, but if they become something you notice, you’ll need us to stop by to repair them. During June 2023, we have a special for 5% off all repairs!

Sinking Outside Unit

The unit outside is called the condenser and is vital to the air system’s operation. The refrigerant condenses back into a liquid state as it releases heat from indoors. If this significant piece fails, your air conditioning won’t work correctly and will run like an overpriced fan.

This condenser often sits upon a concrete slab to keep it off the ground. Sometimes, the soil can stay moist and erode, especially in areas where the house may be lower than the surrounding yard and neighbors. A tipping condenser can have an oil leak and even become detached from the connections to the indoor unit. If this happens, you’ll want to let us know so we can either raise the block again or reinstall it with a new platform.


Sometimes, the ductwork in a crawlspace or attic can become a nice little hideout for mice, raccoons and more. The condenser is another place we’ll see problems with an infestation. The heat from the refrigerant won’t always release properly, which could be caused by caked-on dirt, debris, and even wasp or rodent nests! After an exterminator comes by, we’re happy to make repairs and take action to prevent new infestations.

Failing Air Handlers

This applies to ductless air systems. We install and repair mini-split systems. They are great at controlling the air temperature in different zones and are frequently found in home additions or garages. These mini-split systems have their drainage system. If the drain pipe becomes clogged, water can build up and even be seen coming from the wall or unit itself. If you notice this, shut off the system and let us know immediately to prevent damage to your home.

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