What’s That Smell in My Kitchen?

Do you take the trash out regularly and clean your kitchen daily, but you still can’t get rid of the odor in your home? The problem may be your kitchen sink!

A lot happens in the sink… we prep food, wash our hands, clean dishes and more. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Even if you routinely clean the sink, the odor can come from the unseen drain pipes. Even without a garbage disposal, pipes can also trap grease and geed bacteria and fruit flies.

Read on to see what you can do to eliminate the odor!

Grease in the sink drain

The most common cause for a smell coming from your sink is grease in the drain pipes. Of course, you’ll want to avoid intentionally pouring baking grease into your sink. When you wash dishes, you won’t be able to prevent this. The grease and other debris can build up over time, and the best way to get rid of it is with common household ingredients. Start by pouring baking soda all over your sink and into the drain. Let it sit for several minutes, then pour vinegar into the drain. Let the 2 work some magic before rinsing your sink. You can also remove the U-trap underneath the sink if you can handle it, giving it a deeper cleaning.

Dirty garbage disposal

Many people might think that can put all food down a garbage disposal, but you’ll want to avoid oils, grease, coffee grinds, starch food like rice, and fibrous vegetables. Some plumbers say it’s best not to put anything into your disposal except for those small bits of food from your dinner plate.

Trap problems

Another problem might lie in the P-trap. The trap could have an issue if the smell resembles a sewer rather than food. The P-trap is a curved pipe under your sink that holds a small amount of water. This water creates a seal that keeps sewer gases from entering your home. You may need to clean or replace the trap.

Clogged vent

The final problem could be an issue with the drain vent. This vent connects the sewer lines with the outside. Air enters the vent to keep waste flowing through the pipes. If plugged, the air will cause an imbalance and push smells into your home.

We can address all of these situations. Give us a call if you’ve tried home remedies but still can’t eliminate the odors!