When to Choose a Ceiling Cassette Air System

If bulky, wall-mounted mini split units aren’t your thing, a ceiling cassette can provide your room with that seamless look. 

Ceiling cassettes sit above the ceiling where the mechanics are hidden. They fit between regular ceiling joists and their air flow covers large spaces.

When Choose a Ceiling Cassette Air System

If you have a large room with hot spots, a ceiling cassette can fix that. They have four outlets that blow air and offer the option of closing one or two vents if you have a direction you’d don’t want to air blow. This becomes useful in hallways where you might only want to direct airflow in two directions.

Features of a Ceiling Cassette

If you’re installing a ceiling cassette unit in a large living room, but you’d also like to condition a separate and adjacent room, you might not require a separate unit. Many ceiling cassette models will support the use of a branch duct to move some of the air to the other room.

Many units are capable of being connected to a fresh air intake, meaning that instead of recycling the air in your home, you can draw and cycle fresh air throughout your home.

To adjust the air, you can use a wireless remote control or a wired-in wall mounted control.

Ask us about what else a ceiling cassette can do!