Why won’t my house cool off?

Summer in Charleston has basically arrived and you know what that means—high temperatures and humidity to really give your air conditioner a run for its money. The worst thing that could happen now is air conditioning trouble. Have you ever woken up and been a little warm or come inside after mowing the lawn to discover that your house is not as cool as it should be? Now you’re stressing and becoming even hotter!

Why your AC is not working properly


Have you ever walked by your outdoor unit to find condensation or a small puddle of water? Maybe you assumed that it was nothing to worry about. We can assure you, this should be checked right away because it’s probably a refrigerant leak.


Is your system design the right size for your home? If you are struggling to keep things cool, the answer is most likely no. An undersized system is an issue because it will not be able to keep up with cooling the large space of your home. Our senior technicians are experienced in designing these systems and can check to see if you need to upgrade.


Maybe your air conditioning unit and thermostat seem fine. The problem could be left unseen and found within your ductwork. A leaky duct can be found, repaired or replaced. Don’t waste money cooling your attic or crawlspace!


Is your AC unit 10 – 15 years old? This period is known as the golden period and means that the unit has spent years working hard and keeping you cool. These units simply don’t last and it may be time to invest in a great new unit.

Take a look for yourself and if you suspect one or more of these, let us know. A visit to inspect your air conditioning system is always free! Keep cool and rely on us.