Your Pet’s Don’t Need the AC or Heat

You know by now that a programmable thermostat is a great way to help lower your heating and cooling bills. You’re given the freedome to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere. You can have the home cool and ready when you come home from work or not leave the heat blazing all day while you’re gone. 

With this option in mind, pet-owners still worry about turning the temperature down and leaving their pets without heat. Fear not! It is practical for cats to find a sunlit spot to lay down so they can adjust their body temperature. In the other world, dogs are actually able to handle colder climates in general. A healthy household pet will be fine if you lower your thermostat while you’re not at home.

Of course talk with your vet. They are always the best person to discuss with to find out tappropriate temperature to set your thermostat for your particular pet during the winter. 

 Other tips to keep them warm and healthy during the seasons:

* Make sure your pets stay hydrated with fresh water
* Put out some extra food during the cooler seasons.
* Be sure bedding is dry and add extra layers if needed.

We know air conditioning and we love our pets.