Causes of no hot water

If you stumbled on this post, it’s likely in the event that you don’t have hot water. We’ll go through the common reasons for this and get you back to washing dishes and enjoying a hot shower.

Undersized water heater

This may seem like a no-brainer, a common reason the water isn’t hot. Think about the appliances and fixtures that are currently using hot water. The dishwasher uses hot water to remove grease and debris; the washing machine and, of course, your oldest sibling who seems to take prolonged showers. If the tank isn’t large enough to handle your household needs, you may want to upgrade to a larger tank or consider swapping for a space-saving tankless water heater. These heaters are more prevalent nowadays as they heat water on demand for continuous use.

Thermostat malfunction

This is a prevalent reason, too. We often lower the temperature for efficiency when going out of town. Check to be sure that it reads between 120 – 140°F. It’s not uncommon for a high-temperature cutoff switch to have tripped.

Sediment buildup

Regular maintenance includes flushing the tank and preventing sediment buildup. This is a more prevalent issue in areas with hard water. The cause comes from the buildup around the burner and between the heat and the water. Regularly look at the clarity of the hot water in a glass to see if sediment may become an issue.

Gas valve failure

If you have a gas washer heater, this issue may be hard to discover, but you may notice that the valve is switched off. Check that and then notice to see if the pilot light is on. The gas supply could be blocked if it seems to be operating correctly. Have a qualified technician diagnose to determine the best steps to take.